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People would always want to stay connected with each other no matter how far they are. There are times that you need to work abroad and leave your family thinking that this is the best way for you to provide them a comfortable way of life. But instead of feeling sorry about the situation, it […]

How inbox app help me to save time when working with Gmail

Inbox application is an email management which replaces Gmail, it’s also created by Google itself and has app for iOS, Android and the Web. Compared with Gmail Inbox app is easier and simpler to use, also, it supports multiple tasks which helps to save time of deleting and browsing mail, it has the ability of […]

Gmail has email blocker feature having already been used on web-based and on Android in some weeks

Today, Google has just brought out the email blocker feature for Gmail, applied on web-based. This feature will be applied on Android in some weeks. Similar to blocking calls or messages, you can select an email address that frequently sends harassing emails or bothers you and click Block. From now on, mail of that person […]

Google Inbox app has allowed people to use it without being invited as well as cancel sending email

After 8 months of trial, Google today begins to open Inbox application for all users, and you do not need invitation any more. The main feature of this app is automatically grouping related email, smartly display additional content (eg: view flight information bases on booking email, or view the schedule in hotel bases on reservation […]

Mailing cancellation feature of Gmail is officially activated, “you have 30 seconds for maximum to thin k”

After a long time of trial, finally, Undo Send feature of Gmail is officially brought out. It allows you to cancel the email within 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds from the time you click the submit button. However, messages sent long time ago will no longer be able to be cancelled, and also Undo […]